Just Vandy is a garage-turned-print studio located in Torrance, California. Founded in 2002, by Heather Mitchell, the studio offers custom printing 
services to individuals and the design industry.

Just Vandy

Our letterpress work is recognized for the interplay between visual and verbal as well as the meticulous attention to detail and craft. In addition to job work, we have a line of letterpress stationery characterized by its expressive typography, use of space and color. 


The Vandercook 100

The Vandercook 100 is a self-publishing venture by the letterpress studio, Just Vandy. Heather Mitchell founder and creative director of the studio, came up with the idea for “The Vandercook 100” in 2009, the year Vandercook celebrated its 100th anniversary. Over the next two years she invested her time in the research, design and production of this book. Heather hopes to inspire, educate and offer insight to those who share a love for printmaking and the Vandercook press.

Preface Excerpt

"The truth is, I never set out to own a Vandercook. It just sort of happened 10 years ago. My background was in fine arts. As a design student at Otis College of Art & Design, I fell in love with typography and graphic design. I immersed myself fully in the beauty of the letterform, kerning and leading. It was as though I was seeing things in a brand new way, developing an eye for nuances that up until that point, I had missed. I began scavenging flea markets collecting wood type and individually carved pieces. It’s funny, when I think back to that time, I must have passed by the Otis Lab Press almost every day, but not once did it occur to me to take a printmaking class..."